CCW Classes in Reno, NV

CCW ClassThe CCW Class is a requirement, if you plan to apply for a concealed weapons permit. In addition, these gun classes are a great choice for beginners to learn firearm safety and defensive handling of firearms. We offer CCW classes at our indoor range in Reno with a focus on increasing your confidence and comfort level in handling your weapon.

SafeShot has two full time instructors with more than forty years of combined experience. Our instructors are experienced in defensive firearms deployment and instruction in military and private citizen environments. In the 8 hour CCW class, several topics are covered including safety, weapons handling skills, tactics, carrying your weapon, the law regarding use of force and other legal issues. The class includes onsite testing and qualifications at our range.

What You Need to Bring to CCW Classes:
  • The firearm you want on your permit
  • Up to three revolvers or semi-automatic pistols,
  • extra magazines or speed loaders, if you have them
  • Our Range Counter Personnel will provide eye and ear protection

When you arrive at the class, we require all firearms to be unloaded, cased or holstered, and weapons will be inspected before students are admitted to the CCW classroom. At SafeShot, we cater to lady shooters and our instructors ensure that you receive the requisite amount of attention you need to confidently handle your firearm. At SafeShot, we have female staff members and our classes have a good balance of all different types of students, including many ladies.

When you purchase a firearm from our gun shop, we provide a CCW class at no charge. In addition, we offer many types of handguns for rent. The cost for the course is $75 per student, for up to five guns, and add ons for $25 at any time, 7 days a week. Please browse our website and contact us at 775-284-8984 for more information about our gun classes in Reno.